Hockey simulators

The Hall of Fame is linked to the Play Area, where visitors can test almost all of their hockey skills. The results achieved in individual training facilities are stored in a database and visitors can look up their results at any time, not only directly in the Hall of Fame in the easy-to-read results centre, but also on the Hall of Fame website.

At ticket purchase, visitors also obtain an identification bar code. At terminals at the entrance and exit of the Hall of Fame they can connect their ticket to their name/nickname and add their email address. All attractions are activated through this bar code and the game can start!

During Summer Holidays 2019 we will make a technical review of Gameroom simulators. It´s possible, that some simulators will be not available, traffic will be not limited.



Whoop it up on the virtual ice rink and try to be faster than Sáblíková. But beware and do not tumble under the ice!

High scores

1. T_1280409901255 107
2. T_1671 106
3. jo 106
4. T_1076771306145 106
5. T_1736873894116 106

Virtual goalie

Can you catch everything that comes your way? Become a Goalie of a national team and deny every goal!

High scores

1. T_3836 100
2. T_3882 100
3. T_1098692833630 100
4. T_1076771119332 100
5. T_1455861963596 100


Can you strafe, look in front of you and dodge a reindeer, Zamboni and other obstacles?

High scores

1. T_3609 100
2. susii 100
3. Verny25 100
4. T_1134282810190 100
5. T_1757451174512 100


Are you handy? Complete a task and shuffle the puck between the fields on the playground. How many zones do you manage to get in a time limit?

High scores

1. T_4618 198
2. T_1775265924048 192
3. T_1940581014951 192
4. T_1324074822979 186
5. T_3761 180


Can you deflect the puck and score? Hit the obstacles to change the direction towards the targets in the cage, the time is running.

High scores

1. T_1561601193977 5135
2. T_2178 168
3. T_3261 168
4. T_1281259883609 168
5. T_4261 168


Hit the light targets in the cage and put all five of them out as quick as possible. Show your dexterity and eagle-eye, the Goalie doesn’t stand a chance!

High scores

1. T_1100011181169 41390
2. T_1115051073657 28273
3. T_1115051100704 26786
4. T_1631341096248 25320
5. T_1838791179037 22811


Hit with the puck in a limited space under the bodies of players, between the legs and other obstacles. Is it easy? Don’t forget, the time is running!

High scores

1. T_1008221112679 1910
2. petraso 107
3. T_1812591056651 107
4. T_5179 107
5. maty1488 107


Get through the course with a puck as fast as you can. You can’t miss. Are you the fastest?

High scores

1. T_1076771153626 4948
2. T_1631341117059 4765
3. T_1232096995017 3276
4. T_1336741175233 733
5. T_1008221079972 97

Hard pass

Do you shoot harder than Jirka Šlégr or Petr Sýkora? Prove it, swing it and shoot ant the Goalie as hard as you can !

High scores

1. T_1342821012343 188
2. T_1115051011871 176
3. T_1692621207600 166
4. T_5026 166
5. T_4076 144


Prove your knowledge of ice hockey… A couple of questions is a piece of cake.

High scores

1. Matysek 100
2. Lukyna 100
3. T_1586141186593 100
4. T_1519392673420 100
5. T_1771197861000 100


Capture the puck in the floor projection, dribble past the players of the opposing team and score a goal.


Discover how difficult it is to decide! Do you know the right gestures?Can you recognise foul types? From the stand and couch it seems so easy.


Play with friends on the hockey mini field with a ball or puck! Don´t forget to take your hockey equipment and helmet. Done. Your tactic game on the minifield can start now!

Goalie photoshoot

Would you like to take a great shot in our goaltender uniform? Pose for a photo and show all your friends what a player you’ve become in the Hall!

Nagano 1998

Were you there too in 1998? Join the golden boys in Nagano and take a picture with the whole Czech team!

Table Hockey

It is a big fun to play the table hockey! Choose your team, catch the rod and score to the goal of the rival. Let’s see who will play the best goal during the first period!


Invite your friend or family member on tactics battle. By pressing the button choose your team, agree with your playmate the winning strategy and the game can start! You will just win this hockey battle together!

TOP 20 celkové výsledky

Nickname Celkové score
1. petraso 17166
2. JerryV 11823
3. Filipko 11024
4. ricci 6845
5. Vetrak3 1134
6. David Šrámek 1123
7. Petr Ciesarík 1119
8. Verny25 1076
9. Lukáš Jeschke 1053
10. kopsík2 1051
11. krupajss 1041
12. Kaletapower 1029
13. maty1488 1024
14. Petr Kaleta 983
15. 7 982
16. hou hou 970
17. Wallisek 942
18. sufan 12 937
19. Krista 929
20. Jakub Veverka 929

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